Bradford’s Ambulatory Care

Experience uses telehealth

platforms to deliver

assessment and care to

young people in

their own homes

Mathew Mathai, Paediatrician at Bradford Royal Infirmary and Clinical Lead for Ambulatory Care Experience at Bradford Royal Infirmary introduces the Ambulatory Care Experience (ACE).  Watch the video to find out how ACE are using Telehealth platforms for remote examinations and diagnoses with a cohort of young patients, with acute and worsening chronic conditions, to provide an alternative to a hospital referral or admission for children and young people

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App based solutions for GP patient engagements

As a GP and Chief Clinical Information Officer for Bradford District and Craven CCG, Dr Taz Aldawoud is best placed to explain how digital transformation is being rolled out via mobile app technology to support patient choice. He believes that behind all the technological advancements, there still needs to be a person-centred approach to the delivery of care and a diverse population requires a diverse health and care workforce to fully understand and meet the needs of patients.

Working across the  Bradford District, Taz sees first-hand how diversity in culture and religion affect people’s health-seeking behaviour and interactions with healthcare professionals. He is passionate about reducing health inequalities and believes technology can play an important role in achieving this.

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